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We are a team of scientists from Germany, China and Japan, located in Stuttgart, Germany, and fascinated by the advances of science and technology, the life sciences and their “bio-digital” integration. Since more than ten years, we collect science- and technology-related news from China, Japan and other Asian nations, day by day. Some of these news are reported on  our websites www.window-to-china.de and www.window-to-japan.eu

Other news are discussed in more depth in books, articles or reports to companies or public institutions.  Some of them can be downloaded from our website, others can be obtained, sometimes free of cost, from URLs which we indicate.

We also publish news from Japan and China through LinkedIn and, in German language, through “Nachrichten aus der Chemie”.

With our rich experience and excellent networks both in China and Japan, we offer single-client studies on many aspects of Asia’s science, technology and S&T-related markets. For a more detailed discussion, please contact rolf.d.schmid@bio4business.eu

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